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~The World of Storytelling, Kazu Honda~

storytelling, cello, guitar 

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Tales in Two Voices
Bilingual Storytelling with Music

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” Listen to the elegant harmony of Japanese and English as two talented tellers blend two languages to create one vision through story.”

CD [Uguisu Hime] Now on sale!

Wake up your ears and your heart as you listen to Kazu and Cathy.

KazuKazu and Cathy weave tales together for you.

Two voices play with language and story in this special CD.

Contents;Japanese Story [Uguisu Hime][In a Dark, Dark Temple][Oni wa Soto] [The story of the Zashiki bokko by Kenji Miyazawa]
Shakuhachi Flute & Taiko percussion music

flyerStorytellers; Kazu Honda & Cathy Spagnoli
Shakuhachi -Japanese Bamboo Flute- Yoshihisa Morimoto
Taiko -Japanese Percussion- ; Mitsuya Tani

price; 2000 yen

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Kazu and Cathy reach across cultures to tell to you.

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Tel; 88-090-2373-5458